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Hacken Open Air Hoodie

Louder than shell since 1984!

Hacken Open Air Hoodie

Louder than shell since 1984!

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Description: Hacken Open Air Hoodie

  • Matériel: 100% coton

Pour le moment, cette description n'est disponible qu'en anglais. La traduction est actuellement en cours, veuillez nous excuser pour ce désagrément.
This year's line-up of the Hacken Open Air is probably the best one ever: The headliners sudo's Priest and Gnutallica will set the Black Hat Stage on fire and doubtlessly deliver a show to remember. Fans of softer music can enjoy blink-404, Panic! at the Kernel and Bytewish, while the younger generation can bang their heads in front of the LAN Party Stage to the sound of Ten Finger Key Punch and Arch Linux Enemy.

Make sure you grab one of the rare "Hacken Open Air" hoodies to prove to everyone that you've visited one of the best festivals in the world. ;) We're already looking forward to next August when it's time for "Blood, Death, Code" again!

Like all our t-shirts, the Hacken Shirt is part of our Fair Geekwear line and as such made of fair-trade cotton. Pretty metal, right?

Of course, you can get this image on a regular t-shirt or a girlie t-shirt, as well.

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  • Dimensions size S: length: 71 cm, chest: 54 cm
  • Dimensions size M: length: 74 cm, chest: 57 cm
  • Dimensions size L: length: 76 cm, chest: 60 cm
  • Dimensions size XL: length: 78 cm, chest: 63 cm
  • Dimensions size XXL: length: 80 cm, chest: 66 cm